Programs and Offerings

We work across all levels of education (primary, secondary, and university). We also work with governments, private organizations and international institutions. PGG embodies a research-based, gender inclusive approach toward STEAM education and international academic exchanges.

Progressive Global Growth Foundation

Career Workshops

Our STEAM workshops are designed to meet our partners needs by focusing on STEAM skills, techniques, software, equipment, and ideas that professionals use on a day-to-day basis. 

PGG Ambassadors

Based on our partners needs for sustainable STEAM instruction, we provide professionals capable of implementing innovative curriculums aimed at increasing  problem solving skills. 

Domestic Mentorship

Our mentors are technology professionals and teachers who volunteer their time to increase knowledge, skills, and interest in STEAM among US-based high school students from the developing world.

International Student Exchanges

Our student exchange programs allow need-based STEAM students from Nigeria and South Sudan to study in the U.S. Our exchange program is not a method to immigrate to the U.S., but an opportunity to gain a unique education  prior to our students returning home to their countries.

Prenatal Care

Our prenatal and midwife classes range from one-day intensive workshops to 6-8 week sessions. A typical class, led by a trained childbirth instructor, consists of lecture, discussion, and exercise.