july 2019: Bridging the Digital Gender Divide in Nigeria

Female Technology Entrepreneurial Workshop

We realize the importance of increasing the role of women from the Niger Delta in technology. PGG and its local partners have designed an eight week computer programming and coding course for 35 need-based female technical students from Rivers, Delta, and Bayelsa states. Upon completion of the workshop, PGG and its partners will conduct a four day small business course on how to market the participants' services to Nigerian businesses.

Progressive Global Growth Foundation

Women and girls are nearly 15 percent less likely to be online than men worldwide. But experts say this digital gender divide can be bridged through education, ensuring access and improving skills.

- United Nations

October 2019: South Sudan Critical Thinking Bootcamp 

Empowering Educators

We have developed a three week introductory STEAM course for 40 educators in Juba. PGG’s STEAM starter kits are specially designed for our partners in South Sudan. Our use of art and video aims to encourage teachers to leverage non-traditional education to solve everyday problems in South Sudan and equip students with job skills.